Recent Fire Damage Before & After Photos

Lightning creates fire damage in Lantana, TX

Sometimes lightning strikes homes and starts a fire, creating fire damage. When putting out the fire, the fire department can also create water damage in less a... READ MORE

Water then Fire Damage

Here we have a before and after picture of our latest fire job. The root cause of this fire was due to the electrical panel not being properly grounded causing ... READ MORE

Fire Causes Water Damage in Justin, TX

A small fire in a home in Justin was caused by a candle that was left lit in a dining room on a wooden table. The table caught on fire and caused extensive smok... READ MORE

Kitchen Fire in Corinth, TX

This was a kitchen fire in Corinth, TX. The fire started at the stove and spread rapidly catching the counter and cabinets on fire as well. There was significan... READ MORE

Electrical Fire in Highland Village

As the homes get older in Highland Village and it's surrounding areas, the risk of a fire in your home or business becomes greater. A tangled mess of wires and ... READ MORE

Kitchen Fire in Argyle, TX

Let's start off by saying there are 3 effective ways to put out a grease or pan fire and water is NOT one of them. Safest way is by a fire extinguisher Suffocat... READ MORE